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Solution Advisor EU

Solution Advisor EU and other countries outside USA

REPORTS TO: CEO (Norway) and Director of Military Sales (US)

SHARKCAGE is an international corporation with its main office in the USA, but we also have offices in Norway and Latvia. We develop innovative storage and transport solutions for the Military and other demanding operations.

SHARKCAGE is an innovative company, where we seek to innovate every area of our business from the design of our products to how we work with our customers.

We have experienced significant growth in recent years and are seeing more and more traction outside our main region, which is the US. While we do conduct direct sales outside the US, the main strategy for international sales is to work with distributors and agents. Although we have started to see traction in some markets, the focus of this position would be both to develop and serve a network in new markets, but also follow up the existing one. Our main focus would be US troops in Europe, large European forces which are part of or supporting NATO, the UK, France, Germany, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. We have some activity in all the above mentioned regions, as well as Norway.

We are a small organization, so although you will get help and guidance from a strong team, you must be able to identify and carry out activities to get into new markets as well as find and meet new partners, independently. When you have onboarded new partners you will make sure SHARKCAGE gives them great support. You will always be available to support development of solutions and proposals, and keep them up to date and energized. It is key that you are able to serve our distributors with detailed advice on how to leverage SHARKCAGE to make their customer’s processes better. The SHARKCAGE has great flexibility and therefore gives the customer new tools for solving logistics challenges, but it is the tool to get there, not the solution alone. Your advice will ultimately be the key driver in creating success for our users.

Depending on your skill set in developing products, marketing and more, we are very dynamic in how we leverage talent in our company. If you can contribute to other fields in the company, your input will be valued, and you are encouraged to allocate a significant amount of your time to topics slightly outside the scope of your position.

You will also support both of your leaders with other administrative tasks and take on additional responsibilities as you get more comfortable in your position. You are encouraged to ask questions if there is something you do not understand, and also you need to have an internal drive for learning and take on responsibilities to succeed in your position. Everyone on the team is a phone call away in supporting you.

We are a very small but fully international team. Our office is not defined by a physical location, but our team and participation on our intranet and Teams. You must be able to communicate well using digital platforms and must be open to asking questions to the rest of the team to learn how to use our tools. You do not have to know how to use all the digital tools we use, but you should look forward to learning to use them or you will not be a good fit in our company.

Application deadline April 30th 2021.


  • Outside sales (develop sales strategy for your market, find and meet the right people, identify opportunities we can help with, propose solutions)
  • Develop distributor and partner networks
  • Follow up and do training with distributors and partners
  • Inside sales (quoting, providing status updates, follow up open opportunities with customers)
  • Support in other key areas based on your skill set: Product Development, Marketing and Strategy
  • Administrative tasks for the EU sales office


  • Develop sales strategy (where should we focus, how do we approach, who should we talk to)
  • Identify and go to tradeshows and seminars relevant to the strategy (if any)
  • Visit key people in new markets to make our products available
  • Follow up clients in markets where we do direct sales
  • Follow up distributors and perform training with them
  • Follow up requests from customers and distributors
  • Monitor governmental bid boards for Request For Quotations (RFQs) and bid on them for products we supply
  • Quote and invoice orders


Internal interface:

  • CEO
  • Director of military sales
  • Outside sales team US
  • Engineering
  • Marketing


External interface:

  • Government agencies
  • Customers
  • Distributors and partners


If you live in Oslo region, you will work out of our office there; if not, you will be working out of a home office or coworking site. You need to live in Europe and your relationships must be to a force in NATO or with close ties to NATO.You can expect significant traveling. On average and depending on your location, every other week, 1-5 days is typical.


Comply with company code of conduct and moral standards



  • Several years employed by or working for the Military in a force in NATO
  • Project or other planning experience
  • Experience with using office programs and online communication tools



  • Experience with sales
  • Experience with operations or logistics in the military



  • Military



  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree


  • Team player
  • Good verbal and written communications skills in English
  • Good at keeping track of activities
  • Strong internal drive
  • Integrity
  • Good work ethics
  • Able to plan and drive efforts independently and responsibly
  • Good business understanding
  • Solution oriented with ability to combine practical, quality and economical aspects



United States

172 Creekside Park
Suite 105
Spring Branch, TX 78070


26 Noreveien
0379 Oslo, Norway
+47 66 69 66 70
Most of our products are patented or in patent-pending status.
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