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Applying the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle to a universal problem


If you have ever had to move or deploy an arms room, armory, or weapons pool you will understand the challenge. Some of these challenges include:
  • • No material handling equipment so everything is done by hand
  • • Maintaining accountability and security of numerous sensitive items
  • • Bracing material in transportation assets to prevent damage
Even tasks that don’t require moving material can be challenging at times with current situations such as:
  • • 100% inventory when you must pull each item to read the serial number
  • • Change of Command Inventories
  • • Storage of accessories and additional sensitive items
There are many constraints and limitations when storing and managing sensitive items. There are physical limitations such as size; door openings for weapons storage are generally smaller than standard doors because of the security measures required by regulation. Also, rooms where weapons are stored are often small yet require multiple sensitive items to be stored there, not just weapons. The addition of optics and target acquisition accessories which are mounted on the weapons must stay on the weapons once zeroed when they are stored. If they need to be removed, then individuals must re-zero their accessories for use (not very efficient).


At SHARKCAGE we took multiple factors into account when designing a solution to address these challenges along with other variables not mentioned above. What we came up with is the “Flexible and Modular Weapon Storage” concept. This solution starts with a base product (Tactical Locker CWM) which can be modified using three accessories (CWM Weapons Rack, CWM Drawer, and CWM Crew Weapons Holder) to meet 90% of the storage requirements for weapons and sensitive items.


  • • Improved readiness through a fully mobile and secure storage solution
  • • Improved space utilization through modularity of storage configurations
  • • Simplified accountability
  • For more information follow this link:
  • Watch our Weapons Storage Video:
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