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The POB is a low cost but durable box alternative. The POBs are made out of polypropylene, and comes in two different heights (6 and 12 inches). Since width and depth are the same, the POB 6 and POB 12 are stackable. Dividers are available for the POB 6 for storing smaller non-critical parts and tools which can withstand standard movement of transportation. The POB is a good choice when a higher IP grade is not necessary.


Heavy-duty polypropylene box with 80 lbs capacity for storing smaller ...


Heavy-duty polypropylene box with 80 lbs capacity for storing smaller ...
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  • Drastically reduce load time
  • Limited dunnage and less mistakes
  • Container planning made simple
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  • Reduce containers by 30-50%
  • Material security and protection
  • Rapid platform transition
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  • Intermodal flexibility
  • Rapid customs inspection
  • Efficient consolidation
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Installation Storage

  • Save warehouse space
  • Increase accountability
  • Reduce pilferage
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  • Increased readiness
  • Easy equipment access
  • 95% first time pull rate
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  • Expedited reorganization
  • Faster container turn in
  • Accountability for sensitive items