The market’s response to our SHARKCAGE product has driven the need to grow our team in order to meet customer demand. In just two years, our team has grown threefold.

We started the recruiting process in December 2015, searching for up to five new employees who had one common denominator: the wish to continue to serve the warfighter.

When we searched for Solution Advisors, we were determined to find retired veterans with strong operational experience, a bright mind and a good fit with our core values. Although appreciated, we did not demand a strong network. We believe being competent professionals allows us to build new relationships through collaborative solution development.

We are very pleased to have brought in three strong veterans: Tom, a retired Army Aviator; Ed, a retired Navy Supply Officer; and Anthony, a retired Naval Aviator. We are also very happy to bring William onboard as a Solution Engineer to help design solutions that will get the most out of our offerings.